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What do we do?

The Arizona Policy Lab is built around three core missions: (1) Production of cross-disciplinary, evidence based policy research; (2) partnerships with government and non-profit sectors; and (3) mentoring and training of undergraduate and graduate students. 

The Lab is home to a cross-disciplinary group of UArizona researchers with expertise across a wide variety of policy domains, including environmental sustainability, border and immigration politics, criminal justice reform, and elections and voting behaviors.

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The Lab brings together academics with expertise to conduct research with policymakers, officials, and other practitioners who have the data but not sufficient time and resources to devote to its analysis. These partnerships are intended to improve the quality of evidence brought to bear to address pressing problems across multiple sectors:

  • Federal government
  • Local government
  • Non-profit sector

If you represent an agency or department from one of these sectors and you have a research problem you require some help to solve, please consider dropping us a line to discuss ways we can partner.

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If you are a UArizona student in the School of Government & Public Policy interested in gaining experience designing and executing evidence based policy research, please reach out to discuss opportunities to work with the Lab:

  • Class-based research experiences
  • Paid research opportunities
  • Mentoring and opportunities to mentor

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Who are we?

Alex Braithwaite


Associate Director of SGPP

Jessica Braithwaite

Associate Professor & coordinator of undergraduate research experience

David Dow

Lab Manager & Research Social Scientist

Frank Gonzalez

Assistant Professor & coordinator of undergraduate research experience

Samara Klar

Associate Professor & coordinator of experimental lab

Edella Schlager

Professor & Director of SGPP

Chris Weber

Associate Professor & coordinator of experimental lab